The Brief
For this project I was tasked with producing a magazine series based around photographers who shot, or shoot, on film. It required 4 issues to be produced to show continuity, with two issues containing a full 80 pages and another two with a sample of 20 pages as a sample of extension of the series. 
The Series
For this I decided to produce four different issues that correlated to four different photographers, this gave each of the magazines a different personality and a different theme. For each of these magazines, the magazine has a different feature depending on the photographs being shown. For example the Platon Antoniou issue was the only issue to feature colour throughout the entire magazine, leading to a design that not only matched the images, but also accentuated them.
The Position of the Magazine
Each of the magazines are a mouthpiece for the photographer but with the subtext of having more information for the images and quotes that are provided. This means that large quotes in Big Caslon tower over the stories of the images, giving the first person account a far bigger voice than the third person accounts.

One of the best examples of this was the spread featuring Putin within the Platon issue; there you see in large, blue, Big Caslon saying "I Love The Beatles!".
To ensure the image stood out over the text the tone of the text was taken to a middle grey, this ensures that the images pop and appear to have deeper blacks. This includes the titles too as they feature a 70% black which contrasts with the 100% black of the images. This combines with the separate grid for the images which is much wider than that of the text, it allows images such as those of the dog below to stand out against the text surrounding it.
The Images
Each of the magazines must display the images of the photographer in their original form without cropping or modification, this means that the images can not be full bleed or have their colour edited, this being said, any images that are of the photographer give the editor full creative freedom to edit and adjust them. This includes colourisation, cropping and tone adjustments. 
Special Contents
Each issue features some special segments such as the cameras that the photographers used during their career and a significant interview that shows the views of that person at the most recent point in their life, either the most recent interview or the last one that they provided. The camera segments goes into detail as to how the cameras relate to the photographer as well as the relevance that the cameras had to society at the time, 

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